Agency Structure

As each of our clients and partners are unique, we feel that their experience with SNOW should be unique as well. Every industry requires in-depth expertise, and each project deserves an expert to ideate, design, and build. SNOW recognizes the value of having an expert working on your business, and ensures the most effective thought leaders and creative minds are dedicated to your brand.

By tapping into our professional network we are able to engage award winning designers, innovative technologists and multilingual developers to work closely with your organization and collaboratively create a seamless brand experience.

Dan Snow

The Founder of SNOW Digital & Social, Dan Snow, started his advertising career in market research and transitioned into digital and social media advertising in the agency world.

After working with brands such as Nissan, VISA, Labatt Breweries, Minto Development, and Habitat for Humanity, at both Canadian and multinational advertising agencies, it was time to focus on the small-to-medium-sized business owner and make a difference with those closest to home. Learn more about Dan's experience and references here.